Be Ware of Hidden IT Costs

 This is how your computers are costing & affecting your bottom line

"Purchase Price": This is the price of computers, software, & supplies. Most likely, this is the only cost your are aware of.

“Peer Support” Cost: This is when employees in the same office try to help each other to resolve a problem. This results in loss of productive time for the employees involved.


“Lack of Maintenance” Cost: This is when the computers deteriorate over time and cause slowness and crashes. Crashes are the main reason for loss of information & corruption of databases.

“Missed Opportunity” Cost: When new technologies come into the market that can help your business but you are not aware of.

This is how you can control these costs:

  • Shop around for a better deal on price.
  • Get an IT expert to help resolve the problems as they occur.
  • Maintain the PCs on regular basis.
  • Read about new technologies and assess how they can be applied to improve your business.

Sounds easy, but can you afford the cost of an IT expert and do you have the time to do any of the above?

Here is what Compusoft Systems has to offer:

  • Over 20 years experience in IT. Support can be just a phone call away. On-site support is also guaranteed within a short period.
  • A process to maintain PCs on regular basis.
  • Our experts are always up to date with new technologies and in the ways to exploit this technology in any business.
  • As a reseller, we will always find the best deal for you.

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