After your organisation has identified what is needed to manage its Business Information, the next step is to go about doing it. Organising and co-ordinating the purchase of equipment, installation, setting it up, and selecting the people to do it is only part of the process. You will need to train staff how to use the new system, possibly create new employee positions and have someone to manage the whole system. All this must be done without disrupting your business while still trying to carry out your normal work schedule. Not surprisingly, this is often a time of high stress and frustration for many business owners.


Compusoft Systems understand what a business must do to implement an information management system. We can help you get your system on line quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your core business. Here’s how we do it:

  1. All the necessary hardware is purchased, installed and set up.
  2. All software required is purchased, loaded and modified for use in your organisation. If there is a need we can write you your own unique software program for your business. See the brochure on "Software Development" for further details on this service.
  3. Your business information or data is organised into specific databases, designed for ease of use and accessibility. You will know what information is stored where and how to get at it quickly.
  4. Employees are given an introductory lesson on how the system works, why it is there and the importance of its upkeep to your business.
  5. A job description is written or existing ones modified to incorporate each employee who will use the system.
  6. It’s OK to have loads of organised information, but what use is it to you if it does not mean anything? Compusoft will show you what data is useful to you and why and how you can use it in the everyday running of your business.
  7. We will conduct this transition at hours that suit your business. We believe it is very important that your business operations do not suffer any unnecessary disruptions.

Once your Computer Action Plan has been fully implemented, your business will operate more efficiently, leaving you more time to concentrate on doing what you do best. As with all computer systems, yours must also be maintained. This will require you to account for on-going running costs, repairs, upgrades and necessary additions. Compusoft Systems offers a comprehensive Support Service which covers all such concerns. For more information on this service, refer to "Support Service" which outlines how we can help you with your business computing.

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