Be Ware of Hidden IT Costs

 This is how your computers are costing & affecting your bottom line

"Purchase Price": This is the price of computers, software, & supplies. Most likely, this is the only cost your are aware of.

“Peer Support” Cost: This is when employees in the same office try to help each other to resolve a problem. This results in loss of productive time for the employees involved.

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After your organisation has identified what is needed to manage its Business Information, the next step is to go about doing it. Organising and co-ordinating the purchase of equipment, installation, setting it up, and selecting the people to do it is only part of the process. You will need to train staff how to use the new system, possibly create new employee positions and have someone to manage the whole system. All this must be done without disrupting your business while still trying to carry out your normal work schedule. Not surprisingly, this is often a time of high stress and frustration for many business owners.

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