As a business operator using computer systems, it is often difficult to find ‘just the right package’ that does what you want the way you want it done. Most software packages available off the shelf do not cater for the needs that are unique to your business or industry. At Compusoft Systems, we realise that every business is individual and needs its computer systems to reflect this individualism, which can only be satisfied by a custom made system.


Compusoft Systems specialises in tailoring software packages to fit your business 100%. The development service includes:

  • An analysis of your entire business operations and the associated software requirements
  • Designing and writing a system that will do all the tasks you need it to do
  • Testing the system to see what works well and what can be improved
  • Adding new functions to the program at a later date. If your business expands or you want to offer an entirely different product, we can change the program to ‘grow’ with you.
  • Training is available for your staff for any program written. Training includes the provision of manuals and can range from one-on-one training to group training (maximum of 6 people per class).

On the other side, if you already have a system that you are not happy with, then talk to us. We can change it, upgrade it, or replace it for you. If it is a DOS based system, then we can convert it to Windows or any other platform you choose. If it is not networked then we can network it for you.

Whatever your software needs are, we can help you find a solution.

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