OpenERp User Training enables you to be productive as rapidly as possible in the use of OpenERP. All of the modules there are detailed with concrete examples and different exercises. For the sake of realism, the training uses data for a fictitious company. This training also lasts for five days. It is designed for those responsible for an ERP project, who will then be capable of training employees internally.


Having attended this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the functional concepts;
    Work with OpenERP on a daily basis;
    Configure OpenERP using the standard modules;
    Apply general system administrator settings;
    Change existing workflows

Your training needs depend on the modules that you have chosen to implement for your business. In case some extensions were developed for your implementation, then the training would need to be customized to your specific needs.

Please note that Compusoft Systems discount does not apply to OpenERP training courses.




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