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For your website to be accessible via the internet, you need to have it hosted on a server that is permanently connected to the internet. Our servers guarantee 99.95% uptime and accessibility. We encourage our clients to host their websites on our servers, especially if we developed those websites using our comprehensive content management system.

What Do We Offer

- Over the years we developed a powerful, yet flexible, content management system that enables us to deliver high quality websites in record times - even eCommerce ones.

- This content management system also benefits our clients as they can add, delete, or edit the pages of their websites easily, quickly, anytime, and from anywhere they have access to the internet. Given the right access privileges, the user can modify a page instantly and the changes go live as soon as the user clicks the save button.

- This content management system is continuously improved as more features are demanded by our clients and as we see fit to include latest technologies. Those improvements are applied automatically to all websites that are build using this system, at no cost.

- There are huge benefits in using our content management system. As such we encourage all our clients to host their websites on our servers. We don't make our system available outside our servers and as such it might become quite expensive to maintain websites outside our system.

- All websites are constantly backed up. In fact all pages are backed up at 7am, and 1pm, and then a comprehensive backup at night that goes to a different location than the server.

- Each of our servers include 2 power supplies, 2 processors, mirrored hard disks, duplicate memories, and redundant fans. Virtually unbreakable


Benefits and Features.

• Sell Your Products Online with an e-commerce shop, fully integrated into your website

• Secure Payment System using Paypal and all trusted payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard and all major Australian banks

• Customer Registration System providing a smooth transaction process from start to finish

• Content Management System giving you full control of your shop's inventory

• Automatic Postage and Tax Calculations

• Advanced Search allowing your customers to easily find the products they are looking for

• Coupons & Discount Codes. Run special sales with coupon codes or give your best customers discounts.

Why Us?

Trusted: We are an experienced and established company who will be here for the life of your website.

Competitively priced: Our websites are affordable and can grow as your business grows.

Unlimited web pages: All our website packages allow you to add as many pages as you need at no extra cost.

Unlimited design revisions: We will design until you are happy. First class content and product management system. You can easily manage your online business 24/7.

Unlimited support: We are just an email or a phone call away to assist you with any issues relating to your website.

100% Australian: We pride ourselves on being 100% Australian owned and operated.

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